to my humble blog on which I occasionally share my thoughts, experiences and creations. Articles will mostly cover programming in general, C++ in particular as well as teaching. Despite an overabundance of developers doing the exact same thing, I cling to the unreasonable hope that some of my insights have the potential to be of unique value.

Below you will find a short list of the latest of my ramblings. If you are interested in older content, posts can be browsed by date or tag.

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Recent posts

  • Advent of Code 2020

    My most valued readers! So glad you could drop by again! You are just in time to catch me singing the praises - almost as belated as they are deserved - for an annual coding competition that can be classified as the highlight of many a programmer each year. In addition, I also show and explain all my solutions for it.

  • The Royal Game

    Welcome back - or so I hope - for yet another exciting installment of the grand, illustrious and ultimately pointless epic of “What have I wasted my freetime on in recent years”. This time around, I shall tell you about the royal game, i.e. chess, or rather of my humble attempts at contributing to its rich ecosystem of non-human players.

  • A plea for order

    I know I promised to talk more about emulation, about chess and operating systems, but I have to get something off of my chest first. This is not going to be one of my would-be grand and elongated epics trying to cover far too much in far too many words. Instead, I shall focus on one very small, very self contained thing: the order of #include directives in C++ source code

  • KlobiGB - Overview

    Some of you might have read my rather grandiose and ever so slightly over-dramatic announcement of things to come. Among other writings I promised to share my insignificant little Game Boy emulator and today I shall finally make good on that promise. Or at least begin to do so. Or tell you about intending to begin doing so at some later date, maybe. We’ll see.

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